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 Here I'm listing my displays and other program ideas that I have done over the years.

My library is the smallest one in the system. I'm a librarian that likes to recycle and find multiple uses for things... sometimes. Anyway, I have this bulletin board in my Children's Area. When I first got here I followed what the former librarian did - create a themed display with a message that goes back to reading. I have to admit that I don't think anyone ever paid attention to that board!

At the same time I was also running into the problem that children were constantly wanting a coloring sheet, which I limited them to one per day. Can you imagine giving out multiple coloring sheets a day every since day you're open for an entire month? That's a lot of paper! I started limiting the number of sheets I would print and if I ran out... I ran out. Then I finally had a light bulb idea.

The bulletin board would become a place for the children to display their coloring. I picked a theme and make up my board. Then I would find a little cut out or die cut that when with that theme. The children could color to their hearts content then, using a piece of tape, to add to the bulletin board. If a child wants to do this more than once a week that's OK cause I can make lots of little cut outs on one sheet of paper!

Children LOVE it! I love it because the bulletin board is being noticed and I'm saving on paper! Double win!

Sometimes I do other programs outside of my typical storytimes and Art Explorers. I'm definitely interested in Passive Programs because it requires minimal to no staffing, which is perfect for my library's situation. Here's what I've come up with so far!

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