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Salutation! Welcome to The Wielded Pen - Children's Corner (WP-CC)! This blog is dedicated to book reviews, the occasional magazine review, poetry breaks, storytime outlines, recommended reading lists, and so much more, all of which are written by me. The age level of the materials are geared towards babies and go all the way to young adult level, but they are for everyone to enjoy.

I have been a Children's Librarian since 2009. I am a firm believer that library services for babies, children, and teens (and their parents) are the HEART of a public library. I decided just after my freshman year of undergraduate school that I was going to be a Children's Librarian. This was all thanks to the amazing Children's Department and its influential Children's Librarians that I had the honor of working with during my summer jobs. I love storytime and seeing so many happy faces during these programs. In addition to storytimes and other programs, I love working on Summer Reading Programs. Working in various capacities over the years, SRP is where I have the most experience (seven SRPs and counting!).

This blog began as a humble one back in 2007 when I began my two-year journey through graduate school to earn a Master's in Library Science. The assignment was to create a blog to post the book reviews and poetry breaks that I was required to write as I ventured through children's and teen literature. Since Spring 2009, the blog has now become my personal-professional blog. I continue to update and post new reviews of books that I come across while I work as a Children's Librarian for a public library system. Being surrounded by books all day the list of books to read and review is ever-growing and is hard to catch up!

As all librarians like to have it, I provide a great deal of links and ways for you, dear visitor, to take advantage of. All of these are located in the column to the left of have the posts.

Genre List
A second feature is the Genre List. These are all the tags that I have attached to the reviews or bibliographies that I post. If you are looking for a picture book, click Picture Books, and it will list all the picture books that I have reviewed. Have fun and explore the tags and see what you find.

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Since I have now written just over 100 reviews, I've also added a search bar for you to search for an author or title that I may have reviewed but you can't seem to find in the tags under Genre List.

Books of the Month
The pictures that I post in the column are books that I recommend, whether I've reviewed them or not, for children and teens.

So! Now you know the features of my blog, please, have fun and explore! Enjoy the reviews. Check them out at your local library! If you have any further questions, don't worry, I have a FAQ page that you can visit just below the link that you clicked on to find this page!

I have links to many websites that range from the well-known and not-so-well-known book awards to author websites, to recommended websites to find information about books, links to the American Library Association, its divisions and, of course, my Alma Mater, Texas Woman's University.

Blog Bibliography Page
I have created a running list of all the books I have reviewed or had used for a Poetry Break. If you just want to see what I have done without going through the archives or the Genre List, simply click on the Blog Bibliography page below the link you clicked on to read this page!

Much More
Yes, there is much more for you to explore! Please venture around the blog at all the reviews, poetry breaks, and storytime outlines! Leave comments where you like! Thank you for visiting the WP-CC!

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