Friday, August 31, 2018

Art Explorers - Van Gogh Sunflowers

This was probably one of the coolest art program that we did this past year. Unfortunately, I was sick on program day and I had to have a fellow Children's Librarian lead the class. All reports and photos from the day showed that it was awesome!

  • For children ages 6 through 12 years
  • Must register prior to program due to limited space.
    • If space allows, children can walk in day off. 
  • 1 hour in length

Van Gogh Sunflowers


There was a brief overview of Vincent Van Gogh is for his style of painting before introducing his Sunflowers. It is said that Van Gogh painted many of his sunflowers to right before his friend Paul Gaughin arrived in Arles (source: here

I found the idea from seeing instructions on how to paint easy fireworks from the following websites, and I thought that making flowers would be fantastic!: 

  • Tempera or acrylic paint
  • Mixed Media paper 
  • Toilet Paper Tubes, with a line, 1.5 inches from the edge, drawn around
  • Safety Scissors
  • Paint Brushes  
  • Water cups 
  • Plastic or paper plates for the paint 
  • Paper Towels 
  • Aprons 

Step 1: Like in the Inspiration websites/videos, children will cut little slits up to the 1.5 inch line around the toilet paper tube.

Step 2: With paint(s) on a plate, dab the tp tube applicator in the paint then then dab the paint on the art paper. Twist the tube around to get carrying colors and flower pedals. Repeat until desired look and number of flowers.

Step 3: Using a paint brush, paint a vase and flower stems. Add a background if you want!

Attendance: 20 children, 11 adults
This was very well attended program! Paint tends to be a big draw for children, as well as Van Gogh. The children quickly went to work and painted amazing works of art!

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