Monday, November 9, 2009

The Last Thing I Remember

Klavan, Andrew. 2009. The Last Thing I Remember. Nashville, Tenn.: Thomas Nelson. ISBN: 978595546074.

"It was an ordinary day," high schooler Charlie West told himself as he tries to remember. But he doesn't remember much. His memory of what had happened between going to bed one night and waking up to a chair in a torture chamber with bloodied instruments is vague if not completely non-existent. After escaping his mysterious captors only to be caught by police who tell him that he is a convicted murderer of his former best friend one year prior, Charlie is one the run of his life as he tries to piece together what happened. All the while he tries to stop the assassination plot against the Secretary of Homeland security by a secret terrorist organization whose members call Charlie one of their own. Edgar Award-winning author, Klavan's debut Young Adult novel presents a post 9/11 thriller dealing with a terrorist group hidden among the American homelands. Though some readers may find him too clean-cut and all-American for comfort, Charlie brings a patriotic character to the teen boy literature subgenre and brings plenty of action being a black belt in karate. While the narrative may be dry in some areas readers will be caught up in the currently unsolved mystery of what exactly happened to Charlie during that missing year and will leave them waiting for the next book in the new Homelander series to come out. Included in the back are discussions questions that allows for future discussions great for a classroom or library book club setting.

Use the provided questions to encourage discussion about the book and character on top of creating your own.
Allow the readers to comment about their likes and dislikes about the book.