Saturday, May 28, 2011

Andy Warhol's Colors

Rubin, Susan Goldman. 2007. Andy Warhol's Colors. Art by Andy Warhol. San Fransisco, CA: Chronicle Books LLC. ISBN: 9780811857215.

It's never too early to introduce Andy Warhol to your child. Humor aside, this little board book has some great elements that perfect for the beginning of exposing colors and animals to a baby. Rubin picks ten pieces of art from famed Andy Warhol to write her simple text around, like "small green cat just purrs meow," "purple horse is trotting fast", to provide a brief description of the illustration with a focus on the colors. The little pages are filled with bright colors and the art is large and clear enough for little eyes to focus and distinguish. The book ends with a great rhyming stanza, "See the colors bright and bold. Orange, yellow, green, and gold. Pink and blue and all the rest. Which of them do you like best?" that encourages second and third readings in one sitting. A great first book to include in any baby collection, including for parents who are Modern Art lovers.

  • When reading the book remember to point at the pictures and the words and read over and over!
  • Share other board books with your baby that include art such as: Sharing with Renoir by Julie Merberg and Suzanne Bober.