Friday, September 16, 2016

Bulletin Board - Cozy Up with a Book

This was such a fun idea. I prepped this board at the very end of December to be ready for January, which was when I was gone most of the time while I served as Interim Manager at another branch location.

  • January (or any other cold weather month) 
  • Cozy Up with a Good Book! 


  • Sweater  
I had found a sweater coloring page while searching Google (see link here for the page I found) for a storytime program a while before this board. To make this cut out I just took a coloring page and shrunk it down to a more manageable size for the board. 


Amazing! A staff member that covered my Children's Desk shifts while I was gone asked me to share the file with her because the sweaters were so popular! There are so many cute little sweater designs too. Everyone did such a great job. I've had the idea of maybe making an Ugly Sweater type display for the holiday season too.

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