Thursday, September 15, 2016

Art Explorers - Mondrian Art

I didn't know much about Mondrian, but he's pretty awesome when you come to think of it. I still have the examples cause they're so much fun to look at!

  • For children ages 6 through 12 yrs
  • Must register prior to program due to limited space. If space allows, children can walk in day off. 
  • 1 hour in length

Mondrain Art


Piet Mondrain  was our artist of the month. I gave a brief overview of his history, such as he started out painting similar to the Impressionists and Noe-Impressionsists before he started to venture into a complete form of abstract art. Plus, I added how he even stopped using the color green all together! For this project I focused on the painting "Composition with Re, Yellow and Blue," but I displayed pictures of his various paintings, especially his abstract ones.

  • White construction paper 
  • crayons - black, yellow, red, blue 
  • Rulers 
 I gave all the children two sheets of white construction paper, a ruler four crayons - black, yellow, red and blue. First they had to create their abstract grid with a black crayon and the ruler. Then they can color in the spaces with the colored crayons. They had the opportunity to make two complete Mondrian inspired works of art or they can draw an animal as their second picture and add a grid inside the animal (see my totally awesome sloth for example!).

This went very well. Some of the children kept to the program and made the two pictures (one strict Mondrian style and one animal). Others decided to work on their color theory and create the color green and brown by mixing their crayon colors.

This was a very successful program. 

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