Thursday, September 15, 2016

Art Explorers - Kandinsky Circles

Circles, circles, circles everywhere! This coincided with International Dot Day to boot!

  • For children ages 6 through 12 yrs
  • Must register prior to program due to limited space. If space allows, children can walk in day off. 
  • 1 hour in length

Kandinsky Circles


The colors are little faded, especially the purple. Invest in some nice
acid free and fade-resistant papers for art programs.

I highlighted Wassily Kandinsky's "Color Study. Squares with concentric circles" for this program. As usual I introduced the artist and a bit about his life and career along with the painting we're taking inspiration from. 

  • Construction paper 
  • Butcher paper (optional) 
  • Pre-cut squares 
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks 
 I used brown butcher paper as our base. Mine comes on a large roll. If you don't have that then you can use just a piece of construction paper of any size as your base. I precut twelve squares to fit on the butcher paper to help speed up the process. The children would paste the squares to the base before working on their circles. I had scrap construction paper and new constriction paper for the children to cut out there circles of varying sizes to create their layers of circles.

Attendance: 18 children, 3 adults
The children really liked it. Some had difficulty using my small safety scissors, but that is all I had to work with. The children felt really proud of their works of art. Some needed a little help getting all of their circles done, which I knew would happen. Thankfully I had prepped various size circles before hand. Some children ventured out of the circle realm and added in other designs in the circles too.

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