Friday, September 16, 2016

Art Explorers - Compass Art

I found this idea during my daily Pinterest scrolling, and it was perfect for something different! Plus, I was able to add in a STEAM element, which made me and my PSA happy! Yay!

  • For children ages 6 through 12 yrs
  • Must register prior to program due to limited space. If space allows, children can walk in day off. 
  • 1 hour in length

Compass Art


I love this. The colors and everything.
Even though this messy baby circle in the middle.

I struggled a little with what I should talk about when it came to what a compass is because I knew some children wouldn't know what a compass is cause they're too young. Thankfully my Library Assistant, Nicole, helped with that. Basically, a compass is used to make a perfect circle of different sizes. Who uses a compass? Mathematicians. Architects. The children seemed to have gotten it. Additionally, I explained to them how a compass worked.

  • Watercolor paper
  • Watercolor paint
  • Watercolor paint brushes 
  • Compass - little pencil removed 
  • Cup of water
Your little watercolor paint brushes are, more than likely, too skinny for the thingamigig that holds the compass pencils. So! You will need to tape it to the that arm. Have the children dip the brush tip into the water and a paint. Then let them go to town on making different size circles all over the paper.
Attendance: 6 children, 2 adults
It was pretty well. Everyone did a great job using the compass to make their circles. Some children thought it was nifty that there were numbers on the compass, which helped tell you how large of a circle you would make. All the artists were able to make a work of art that was all circles. They then had the option to do another on the back side of their paper or to paint whatever they wanted. Some did two circle paintings while some opted for an actual pictures.

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