Thursday, July 9, 2009

People of Sparks

Duprau, Jeanne. 2004. People of Sparks. NY: Random House Inc. ISBN: 9780375828249.


Picking up where City of Ember left off, readers follow the Lina and Doon as they and the others from Ember begin their new lives in Sparks, a small town on the surface. They are taught how to build fences and building as well as grow their own food so that the Emberites can go off on their own and establish their own town. As they work, Lina and Doon learn about the world outside of Ember and what had causes for The Builders to build their underground city. However, life quickly becomes more difficult than ever when everyone grows more and more intolerant of the ignorance and selfishness in others and blame is pointed for mishaps that occur. Duprau successfully continues the story of the Emberites journey of learning the truth and hardship about the world beyond their underground home. though the setting itself is a little vague in descriptions in some parts, the characters capture most of the readers attention. Some are simple as in the previous book while others are slightly more complex. People of Sparks is fun, at times thought provoking, and quick read for this interested in the and with only some questions answered while others remain hidden, readers will me looking for the next book in the series.

*During book discussions, ask the readers about the differences between Sparks and Ember. How would they have felt if they arrived in a new place and/or received 400 people from an underground place.
*Ask the causes leading to the Disaster.

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