Thursday, July 9, 2009

City of Ember

Duprau, Jeanne. 2003. City of Ember. NY: Random House Inc. ISBN: 9780375822735.


It's the year 241 and the city of Ember is dying. The generator that produces the electricity is breaking down with great frequency, which leaves the city in complete darkness for any amount of time, and food and necessities are running out. As they begin their new jobs, twelve-year-old classmates Lina Mayfeet, Messenger, and Doon Harrow, a pipeworker, quickly learn about more history and truth about their beloved city. When Lina discovers a old torn and chewed-up document from the time of "The Builders" that may be instructions on how to leave Ember, she and Doon are under the watchful eye of the corrupt mayor and his friends. With the city near ruins, the two make the decision to try the escape route that may or may not lead them to the world outside of Ember. In her debute novel, Duprau has created a fun novel that is a combination of adventure and mystery wrapped up a post-apocalyptic setting. The characters are simple yet well-rounded and the readers will relate their thoughts and feelings. An excellent quick read for all to enjoy.

*Have a compare-contrast reading discussion with similar books like The Giver by Lois Lowry.
*Have a movie book and movie night where, after reading the book, have a discussion on how well the movie reflects the book.

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