Wednesday, April 18, 2012

T. Rex Tag - A Poetry Break

Have you ever thought what dinosaurs did for fun? What games did they play? Which other dinosaurs did they play with? If they ate their friends? Yes, ate them. This poem is a lot of fun to read. Before you share the poem ask the children if they have played tag and what do you do when you do play the game. Then ask if they think dinosaurs could play tag back in the day.

T. Rex Tag
by Robert Weinstock

I didn't mean to eat my friends,
But...Yum...I munched them all.
They came to quite delicious ends-
So tasty, sweet, and small!

I gobbled Fern eight hours ago,
And chomped Earl yesterday.
I can't recall when I ate Flo.
Now no one's left to play.

I never knew a game of tag
Alone would stink this bad.
I'm always "It"! It's such a drag,
I snarfed the friends I had.

  • Ask the children what they thought of the poem. Was it silly and funny?
  • Have the children imagine other outdoor games dinosaurs could've played and let them share their ideas.

Weinstock, Robert. 2010. Can You Dig It? And Other Poems. Illus. by Robert Weinstock. NY, NY: Disney-Hyperion Books. ISBN: 9781423122081.

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