Thursday, April 5, 2012

Questions - A Poetry Break

When, how, and why? There are so many questions in the universe. Sometimes there are answers and sometimes there are not. Sometimes they make sense (even if there isn't an answer) and sometimes they are nonsensical. This poem is all about questions. Though the reader or listeners may not know the entire purpose of this poem, this one is still great in the fact that it begins to make you think and... question!

by Stephen Mitchell

How many inches in a year?
What makes a zero disappear?
And which is older: there or here?

How long must circles spin around?
What stars are in the lost-and-found?
Why can't a mirror make a sound?

What language is the letter Y?
Who taught the hummingbird to fly?
When you are dreaming, where am I?

  • After reading this poem have the children try to answer any of the questions that were presented. It will be a great display to share to see what everyone came up with (Parents' Night, anyone?!)
  • Have the children come up with their own question(s) and have them write a poem about it.
  • Have the children come up with their questions but then see if anyone else can help find the answers.

Mitchell, Stephen. 2003. The Wishing Bone and Other Poems. Illus. by Tom Pohrt. Cambridge, Mass: Candlewick Press. ISBN: 0763611182.

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