Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Honeysuckle Hunting - A Poetry Break

Did you ever have a favorite plant in your backyard or neighborhood? A plant that was edible? I had honeysuckle and mint. Sounds lovely, yes? This poem could go well with a session on flowers and as well as food. To prep for this poem reading make sure you have pictures of honeysuckle to show the children!

Honeysuckle Hunting
by Heidi Mordhorst

It could be anywhere.
We stand stock still and sniff
the green breathing of daisy, vine and leaf.

Ears pricked and noises high,
we listen for the drowsy hum
of yellow golden honey.

There, on the fence!
We'll steal it from the bees,
pluck a tiny trumpet blossom,

pinch the end with finger and thumb,
like biting the vanilla-dripping tip
of an ice-cream cone.

Slowly, slowly, draw it out-
pull the stamen through, tongue poised
to catch one crystal drop of sweetness.

  • Ask the children if they have a plant like a honeysuckle.
  • If possible, have honeysuckle available in the room or if you could go to a park where there are some for the children to taste.
  • If you were doing a flower or garden food program, have a lovely picnic with fruits and edible flowers salad. Be adventurous!

Mordhorst, Heidi. 2005. Squeeze: Poems from a Juicy Universe. Photographs by Jesse Torrey. Honesdale, Penn: Wordsong. ISBN: 1590782925.

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