Saturday, May 3, 2008

Information Magazine: Your Big Backyard

National Wildlife Federation. Your Big Backyard – May 2008

The National Wildlife Federation’s magazine Your Big Backyard is for children aged 3 to 7 and is published monthly. With large and attention-grabbing photographs and illustrations, the well-organized magazine presents fun games, crafts, recipes, stories, have to reoccurring characters Bonnie the bluebird and Chester the chipmunk, a parent’s section that will provide fun songs to share with their children and book reviews, and much more. In the May 2008 issue, for example, a fish theme is carried through short poems describing the different types of fish, activities like find-the-animal-in-the picture that also explains that a seahorse is a kind of fish, and a recipe for Fish Cakes (breaded tuna and mashed potatoes in the shape of a fish). Main section for this issue is “Meet the kids," which show pictures of baby animals and their mothers and provide the correct term for the baby (e.g. a baby kangaroo is a joey). A special activity is the magazine’s My Little Book that, with the help of the parents, the child can cut out specified pages of the magazine, fold down the centerline and can be stabled into a book. With the fun, interactive and visually attractive photos and illustrations, the magazine is an excellent monthly source for children to learn about the animals in their backyard and beyond.

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