Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sign Language ABC

Heller, Lora. 2012. Sign Language ABC. Illus. by Eliz Ong/ NY, NY: Sterling Children's Books. ISBN: 9781402763922.

Continuing her work in present American Sign Language (beyond her founding of New York Baby Fingers program) Lora Heller has written a new ABC sign language book. Each page presents the traditional alphabet letter then a inset circle illustration of the ASL sign for that letter. The illustrations to relate the letters to an object or thing are sometimes expected (such as B is for Bird and X for Xylophone); however, the rest are refreshing additions to an alphabet (like M is for Mermaid, R is for Robot and Y is for Yo-yo). The illustrations are crisp, simple, and colorful, which is greatly needed when presenting in presenting ABCs.  Hip and mod comes to mind. The book begins with an introduction for the parent to share with a hearing/speaking child who can practice and learn the skill of sign language and can even share with friends to be speak in a fun new way. At the end of the book is a quick guide to all the letter signs. Not only is this book great for an introduction for the hearing/speaking children but also to the children who truly need to learn ASL for communication. A must needed refreshing addition to ASL ABC collections.

  • Have the children practice doing the ASL signs. 
  • Have the children come up with other letter representations ( such as E is for egg plant) to add to the collection of examples.
  • Have the children start development words by spelling them out. 

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