Saturday, May 26, 2012

Benefits of Storytime

This time of the season can be slow "slow" time for many Children's Librarians. However, this is the calm before the storm that is called summer! It is also the time that we have to promote our storytimes and other programs to all the newcomers. I thought that I would share with you many points of importance of storytimes.

What is Storytime?
Storytime is a special literacy and educational based program for specific age groups!

  • Babies: Birth - 18 months
  • Toddlers: 18 months - 36 months (1.5-3 yrs old)
  • Preschool: 3 - 5 yr olds
  • Family: All ages

Storytime Activities
All storytimes can be different depending on what the library system and children's librarians like to do. Here are some activities that can be seen:

  • Songs
  • Rhymes
  • Movement Activities (egg shakers, scarves, parachute)
  • Flannel Boards
  • Stories (yes, we do read books at the storytime!)
  • Reading Together 
  • Crafts

Benefits of Storytime (for the Children)

  • Introduces Early Literacy Skills that will continue the children's learning development
  • Exercises listening skills
  • Connects images to reading and supports imaginations
  • Encourages socialization and respect among other children their own age (in the case of Family Storytime, for those who are younger)
  • Provides opportunity in learning how to take turns and follow instructions
  • Assists in developing fine and gross motor skills through program activities
  • Provides opportunities for independent activity

Benefits of Storytime (for the Grown-Ups)

  • Provides opportunity for quality time between caregiver and child(ren) to create a bond and trust
  • Provides an example of good oral reading kills to continue at home during family reading times
    • Children's librarians are generally dramatic readers and love use to use inflections while reading. We also ask the children questions about the story or illustrations. All good engaging elements to do while reading with a child!
  • Introduces new books, authors, songs and rhymes and other activities to do at home

One last benefit for everyone is... storytime creates and opportunity to visit your library!!!

Who would have thought that storytime was more than just listening to stories and singing some songs?!

Here ate WP-CC I do provide storytime outlines for everyone to have access to. There are many other children's librarians across the country that do the very same thing. Check the out sometime!

Check with your local library about their storytime programs and start having fun!

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