Friday, May 25, 2012

Nancy Clancy Super Sleuth

O'Connor, Jane. 2012. Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth. Illus. by Robin Preiss Glasser. NY, NY: Harper (HarperCollinsPublishers). ISBN: 9780062082930.

Our Fancy Nancy has grown up! In her first ever chapter book, Nancy and her best friend Bree, inspired by the famous literary detective herself - Nancy Drew, are now sleuths in need of a mystery to solve. Soon enough a mystery hits their classroom, and they dawn their totally professional trench coats and grab their magnifying glasses, which are quite fancy looking, and get to work uncovering the culprit. As with any great detective story, a top-secret code, complete with answer key, is a fun element for readers to discover and try out in their own mysteries. O'Connor's continues her excellent skill of weaving in new vocabulary words, as done in her previous Nancy books, which is parents will greatly appreciate. The black and white illustrations are just as fun as the previous books and make the book complete. As a whole, the book gives the readers the great element of still being fancy, but also being smart, polite, and adventurous, which is always refreshing. Nancy Clancy, Super Sleuth is a surefire, that means fabulously perfect, read for young readers who have graduated from the Beginning Reader books but need a friendly character to welcome them to real chapter books and new adventures! Looking forward to more in the series!


  • Ask the children how they would have felt if their sibling was a suspect/culprit of a mystery.
  • Have the children create their own fancy detective outfits and have them solve a mystery! The mystery could be something as simple as a mystery memento project like the one in the story.
  • Introduce to the children another super sleuth, Nancy Drew. Read, together, one of her famous novels and do an activity based off of it!  

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