Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Eraser Poem - A Poetry Break

This poem is meant to be seen and to be heard aloud as it wonderfully uses both senses. A creative way to present the poem is to write it on a chalk board or a white board. Write the entire poem as "The eraser poem" and as you read the poem aloud you can erase one letter as you go. Also bring supplies, whether paper and pencil, or chalk or markers for the boards, so the listeners can try.

The Eraser Poem
by Louis Phillips

The eraser poem.
The eraser poem
The eraser poe
The eraser po
The eraser p
The eraser
The erase
The eras
The era
The er
The e

Let the children create a poem that is erased. Let them do the erasing randomly to see what will become of the poem then have the do it again but think about what they are going to erase. Compare the two versions and see to see which one they like better. It will be fun to see the difference between all of the students, and not only will the poem become something interesting to share aloud, but also become visually intriguing at the same time.

Hopkins, Lee Bennett, sel. 1996. School Supplies: A Book of Poems. Illus. by Renee Flower. NY: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers. ISBN: 0689804970.


  1. My child is 6 yrs. old and I love the way you taught me to let her make poem's! She's learned to read alot I have made my own peom called "The love peom" It is not a eraser peom it is just a poem saying things about love.

  2. Greeting! Thank you for you comment! I'm so glad that you and your daughter are exploring poetry! I especially love that you child is liking reading (and poetry) at such a young age. I love introducing poems in my preschool storytimes. Thanks again for sharing, and hope you come back to see what new poems and books I post on WP-CC! :-)

  3. T
    This i
    This is
    This is t
    This is th
    This is the
    This is the p
    This is the pe
    This is the pen
    This is the penc
    This is the penci
    This is the pencil
    This is the pencil p
    This is the pencil po
    This is the pencil poe
    This is the pencil poem
    This is the pencil poem.


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