Saturday, March 8, 2008

Poetry for Children: Pío Peep! Traditional Spanish Nursery Rhymes

Ada, Alma Flor and F. Isable Campoy. 2003. Pío Peep! Traditional Spanish Nursery Rhymes. Illus. by Vivía Escrivá and Eng. Adapt. by Alice Schertle. NY: HarperCollins Publishers. ISBN: 0688160190.

Pío Peep! Is a beautiful collection of traditional nursery rhymes collected from the rich Spanish-speaking cultures of Latin America and the American Southwest. The twenty-nine popular and loved rhymes capture the images of the world, its inhabitants, and the playful life that revolve around childhood. Through the simplistic flow of rhythm and rhyme that resonate off the page, rhymes like "Tortillas for Mommy": "Mommy like tortillas/steaming hot and yummy/Make them round and nicely browned/for Daddy’s hungry tummy" encourages the readers to recited aloud and share with each other. Through the talented work of adapter Alice Schertle the English versions are “poetic re-creations” rather than translations in order to maintain the charm and allure that is seen in the originals. Presented in double-spreads, the Spanish and English rhymes appear side-by-side and are surrounded by the soft and colorful watercolor and pencil illustrations that embody the imagery of the rhymes. Perfect for learning new games and finger-plays, for fun and educational way for learning a second language, and for reading any time of the day including bedtime, this bilingual book will be a welcomed addition to any school, library or home.

*Read more Spanish-English poetry and finger-play books like the following three: Momá Goose by Alma Flor Ada and Isabel Campoy and Illus. by Maribel Suarez,, Tortillas para Mamá and Other Nursery Rhymes by Margot C. Griego, et al. and Illus. by Barbara Cooney, and Diez deditos = 10 Little Fingers & Other Play Rhymes and Action Songs from Latin America by Elisa Kleven and Jose-Luis Orozco.

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