Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Kite Flying - A Poetry Break

Do you wish that you could just get away? Do you dream of going and visiting other places? Or do you prefer to stay put? Do you need a little nudging and encouragement to do something? I know that I'm all of the above at different points in time. This wonderful little short poem illustrates a great imagination (is it really possible for a kite to take you away? Boy, I wish it could!), but also shows that even though you did not plan on going somewhere or doing anything that you can learn to love it.

I flew a kite down by the sea,
until, that is, the kite flew me!
It tugged me high into the sky.
I held on tight and learned to fly!
I felt so free, so featherlight,
flying the world, just me and Kite.

  • Ask the children if a kite could really take them away somewhere? Is this poem an example of using your imagination? 
  • Ask the children where would they go if a kite took them flying? What city? What state? What country? To see someone? And ask them why?
  • Ask the children to name their traveling kite. Why did they chose that name? 
  • Let the children create their own kite: 

Outside the Box: A Book of Poems written by Karma Wilson and illus. by Diane Goode. New York, NY: Margaret K. McElderry Books (Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division). 2014. ISBN: 9781416980056.

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