Friday, November 16, 2012

Butterfly, Butterfly Passing Me By - A Flannel Friday

Happy Friday everyone! This was my flannel board activity this week for the children during my Puppets Come to Play storytime. The children each got to have a felt butterfly finger puppet to play with as we sang the song "Butterfly, Butterfly Passing Me By," which is a piggyback song from "Bluebird, Bluebird On My Window" that I created. 

We sang through the song a couple times to get the tune and tempo as we fluttered our butterflies in air. After that we repeated the song and I asked the toddlers and preschoolers what color they had and they answered. Afterwards they got to put their butterflies on the flannel board. For the preschoolers, when I asked a child what color they had they had to say the color and go ahead and put the butterfly on the board. 

The butterfly puppets were made by using a die cut that my library has. If you don't have a die cut all you have to do is cut out a butterfly shape and cut too horizontal strips by its tummy so that you can slip your finger in. I reinforced the little finger band with an extra strip of felt so that it the puppets would last a little while longer since I knew they would get some wear with the kids will be trying to the puppet on and off their fingers. 

Butterfly, Butterfly Passing Me By, puppet flannel board,
created by Dorothy WP-CC, 2012

Butterfly, Butterfly Passing Me By
tune: Bluebird, Bluebird On My Window
Butterfly, butterfly passing me by
Butterfly, butterfly passing me by
Butterfly, butterfly passing me by
Oh, what color are you?
(name the color)
Source: Me! 

Have a wonderful weekend!

This week's Flannel Friday round-up is hosted by Tracey on her blog 1234 More Storytimes. To learn more about Flannel Friday and ways to get involved, please visit the official Flannel Friday blog!


  1. I love flannel activities which allow the children to feel the texture of flannel - this one is lovely!

  2. So sweet and I love your directions for making these! Thanks -- I'm linking to you from my squidoo Bug Storytime.

  3. Thanks! I'm working on a bug storytime too for my library's first storytime for summer since we're doing a bug themed Summer Reading Program this year and I know that these will probably make an appearance!


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