Friday, September 28, 2012

Whose House Is This? - Flannel Friday

Greetings to everyone! This is my first Flannel Friday post. I've been meaning to join this awesome group for a good while, but just hadn't taken the plunge. Well, there is no time like the present and it's time to jump in!

To make my first splash, this Flannel Friday post is about my favorite flannel board that I had made just this past summer.

To celebrate my library's Summer Reading Program theme, "Get A Clue... At the Library!," I did a "It's a Mystery!" theme for the Toddler and Preschooler Storytime.

I found the rhyme "Whose House Is This?" on Lisa's Storytime Source Page and decided that it would be perfect for my toddlers.

"Whose House Is This?" flannel board, Toddler Storytime
created by Dorothy, WP-CC 2012

Whose House Is This? (T)
Does a frog live in a tree?
Does a frog live a nest?
Does a frog live on a lily pad?
Continue with other animals and where they live. 

I used a combo of templates from the forever-handy book 2'S Experience Felt Board Fun by Liz and Dick Wilmes, 1994 and a few of my own hand-drawn templates to make the animals and their homes.

I am :: in love:: with the sea star and whale! Actually, I don't know if "love" is even the right word to describe how much I like them! Oh, so cute!

For the Preschool Storytime group I simply added black silhouettes for each of the animals and had the children shout of their guesses as to what each shadow represented. For this I used the rhyme "Whose Shadow Am I?," which I found at Katie's blog Story Time Secrets.

Whose Shadow Am I? flannel board, Preschool Storytime
created by Dorothy WP-CC, 2012

Whose Shadow Am I? (AKA Shadow Guessing Game) (P)
I'm a shadow.
Look at me!
Do you know
Whose shadow I might be?

I'm looking forward to participating more with the rest of the Flannel Friday group! Have a great weekend! 


  1. Welcome to Flannel Friday! And, wow, what a way to kick off your first post! Lovely pieces!

  2. Hooray for Dorothy joining the Flannel Friday bus!

  3. These are beautiful! Great ideas!!


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