Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Clock's Gone Cuckoo! - A Poetry Break

I don't know about you but Daylight Savings Time in the Spring (you know, when we have to spring forward one hour) throws me for a loop! This is an excellent poem to share with children who are learning about this time confusion (or may even be feeling it too!).


The Clock's Gone Cuckoo!
(A Daylight Savings Poem)
by Jenny Whitehead

They say we lost an hour.
I'm not sure where it went.
Our clocks are all mixed up-
My head feels like cement.

Down the stairs I stumble-
Hey, who turned on the sun?
Dad's newspaper is sideways,
His shave is halfway done.

Look! Mom's pouring cat food
In all our breakfast bowls.
My sister's twisted sweater
Has mismatched buttonholes!

Luckily, this strange time change
Starts quietly on Sunday.
Imagine what could happen
It it started on a Monday!


Ask the kids what they think of the Daylight Savings Time, and what would they think would happen if it really did start on a Monday instead of Sunday. Remember to tell them that Benjamin Franklin came up the DST concept (wouldn't you love to see what the kids responses to that will be!?). Of course, also invite the children to write a poem about what their ideas are for DST!

Whitehead, Jenny. 2007. Holiday Stew: A Kids Portion of Holiday and Seasonal Poems. NY: Henry Holt and Company, LLC. ISBN: 9780805077155.

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