Saturday, February 19, 2011

Edgar Springs, Missouri? - A Poetry Break

Everyone needs to be exposed random facts everyone so often (or all the time!). The Edgar Spring, MO that is the subject of this poem is the "Center of the U.S. Population," and really is a little fact that isn't mentioned enough. This poem would be perfect for a geography lesson or a lesson on the U.S. Share this one with other poems found in the same book or from A World of Wonders: Geographic Travels in Verse and Rhyme, which is also by J. Patrick Lewis.

Edgar Springs, Missouri?
(Center of the US Population)
by J. Patrick Lewis

Smack-de-do-dab in the middle
Of America's a little
Hamlet by the name of Edgar Springs.

And I think I oughta mention
(Could I have y'all's attention?)
'Cause it may not have the most famous ring:

Hundred ninety (population)
Belly button of the nation,
One P.O.,
A general store,
A stop for gas.

It's a breadbox of a borough,
And the bloomin' Census Bureau
can't locate it with a magnifying glass!

With this poem and any other geographical poem shared, have maps available and an images of the subject for the children to look at. Invite them to explore the maps to find a city or town they have never been to then have them research from the chosen to location. With the information in had have them share a poem (doesn't matter how long) about it.

Lewis, J. Patrick. 2007. Good Mornin', Ms. America: The U.S. in Verse. Illus. by Mark Clapsadle. Columbus, OH: Gingham Dog Press. ISBN: 0769631703.

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