Thursday, April 8, 2010

Weeping Willow - A Poetry Break

Did you know that trees have personalities and feelings? Well, of course, they do. From the tall sequoias to the Texas Live Oaks and the Weeping Willows. Have photos of different type of trees, especially of the Weeping Willow, for the kids to explore after you share the poem. Or share this poem when visiting an arboretum.

Weeping Willow
by Douglas Florian

Willow tree, why do you weep?
Why do you cry and moan?

..... All days these caterpillars creep.
..... They won't let me alone!

Willow tree, why do you bed
Your branches to the ground?

I bend my branches low to send

..... Those caterpillars down!

Let the kids explore the different types of trees. Have them create a poem that asks the trees questions and and create the tree's answer, just like in the poem. Let them create their own tree personalities. It'll be a forest of fun!

Florian, Douglas. 2010. Poetress. Illus. by Douglas Florian. NY: Beach Lane Books/ Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing Division. ISBN: 9781416986720.

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