Friday, February 6, 2009

Introducing Poetry: Being Lost - A Poetry Break

This poem is about spending the nice day inside, in one favorite reading place, to read a book. Bring a photograph or a draw a picture of where you read at home to share with the children.


Being Lost
By Karla Kuskin

Being lost
Is the perfect way
To pass the time
On a sky blue day

When it’s warm
And the open window
Uncurtains a call
Spiraling up the stairway
Hovering in the hall.
No one comes then
When they call me.
I am not there
Where they look.
I linger alone
In a place of my own
In a book.

Invite the children to draw a picture and/or describe where they like to read their books instead of doing other activities. Also, for a craft activity have the children use scrap fabrics to make their own reading mats or reading pillows for school or for home.

This poem is from:

Hopkins, Lee Bennett. 1990. Good Books, Good Times!. Illus. by Harvey Stevenson. NY: HarperCollins. p. 4-5. ISBN: 9780064462228.

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